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Thursday - 10:58 p.m.

My town has a peculiar odor to it after a rain and it is not a pleasant odor.

The past few months, it has not rained here very often; however, it has been raining all today. It is supposed to rain all day on Friday as well. This means that on Saturday, my town is going to smell like wet dog food.

It also meant that today I had to drive to the cardboard box factory I work at part-time. This, of course, forced me to move my car from in front of my building. Parking in front of my building sucks.

My neighbor (who owns the large barking dogs, is the residence's handyman, and according to my landlady is allowed inside my apartment whenever he wants); had not moved his nondescript van with the curtains over the windows in quite a while. It had been parked in the same spot in front of the building for at least a week.

Tonight when I got home from the cardboard box factory where I work part-time it was gone.

The prostitutes who are always visiting his apartment were still there, though. Three of them were huddled under the awning that covers the entrance to the building. Usually, I am able to avoid walking past them, but because of the rain there was no way around them tonight. They have a tendency to ask me if I want a blowjob, but mostly they just try to bum cigarettes.

I don't smoke.

One of them grabbed my arm as I walked by her. I tried to continue inside, but she had a surprisingly strong grip. I stopped, looked at her, and she let go. She had blonde hair and wore no makeup. She looked as if all her dreams were washing away with the rain.

She started to speak to me, but it was too quiet, and I couldn't make out what she was trying to say. She could tell from my expression that I didn't understand what she had said. She frowned and walked out into the rain.

I understood what one of her companions under the awning said, though.

"Good job, loser."

"I'm sorry," I said and then walked inside.

That was the first time I had really ever spoken anything to any of them.

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