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Tuesday - 3:37 a.m.

I just got back from the club where I bartend part-time. The Temple of the Dog cover band that was playing tonight was not very good. They did a twenty-seven-minute long version of Say Hello to Heaven that was the musical equivalent to clubbing a baby seal to death.

I ran into Mitchell at the club. He did not look happy. Mitchell found out today that he and his roommates (who are also his bandmates) are getting evicted from their apartment complex for running a floating crap game, distributing communist literature, and making moonshine in their basement.

I guess Mitchell had to move out this morning. He told me that he had already planned to move out at the end of next month and that his new place was going to let him move in early, but it didn’t take long for the new place to kick him out. They did it this afternoon actually. The new place cited some bylaw against animal husbandry or some nonsense.

Mitchell said the "real reason" was strictly political, and that the new place was run by a bunch of racists. I reminded Mitchell that he's white and the Man isn't after him. I told Mitchell that in fact, like me, he was the Man and we were the reason there was no money in the ghetto. Mitchell told me to "Damn the Man" and then ordered a rum and Coke. I gave it to him on the house.

I guess Mitchell has moved into a storage garage at one of those all-night U-Store/U-Lock places. I told him he was welcome to crash at my place, and he told me that the garage was actually pretty nice. He also said he couldn't stay with me because the parking in front of my building sucks.

I told him that I really needed to move, and he informed me that the storage garage two doors over from his was open and available.

I haven't tried to buy toilet paper since the last time I went to the supermarket and saw that the girl who works the checkout line was not there. I have been using paper towels ever since but am starting to run low.

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