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Tuesday - 11:37 p.m.

It was an odd day. I had to work a shift at the record store, and Gerald hung out with me the whole time.

Not by my choice mind you.

He kept making random statements of pithy insight that ended with him quoting lines from Adam Sandler movies. Gerald kept saying things like, "Technology is nothing in the eyes of a child; it is not an amazement to them; it is normal. I invented electricity; Ben Franklin is the devil!"

It got really hard to ignore him after a while, and I ended up putting on headphones and listening to Sonic Youth albums the rest of my shift.

After I closed up the shop, I walked over to Mitchell's house, but he wasn't home. Mitchell’s bandmates (who are also his roommates) were outside on the sidewalk shooting craps. They told me that Mitchell had "gone off in search of a vehicle suitable enough to attract a woman of good stature."

Mitchell's roommates (who are also his bandmates) frighten me sometimes. They had a lot of cash out on the sidewalk, and I’m rather certain that most of them were carrying hunting knives.

When I returned home, Gerald had called my machine and left seven messages – all of them ending with Adam Sandler movie quotes. I really have to move and not give Gerald my new phone number.

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