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Tuesday - 7:34 p.m.

Gerald just left a few minutes ago.

Gerald is having problems again and came over to my place to vent. When he’s having problems, Gerald usually ends up coming over to my place to vent. Gerald has a lot of problems, so he’s over here quite often.

I really didn't have time to listen to him babble on about who or what was driving him nuts this week. I really needed to dive back into my search for the ones responsible for the death of my parents.

I’ve only known Gerald for a short while and haven’t quite figured out his obsession with me. He just appeared one day at the record store where I work part time and started talking to me. I haven’t been able to shake him since then.

I see Gerald almost every day lately and it is never by my choice.

I tried to deflect the conversation by telling him about the girl who works the checkout line at the supermarket, and how she smiled at me today, but he just sat there on my kitchen floor, chain smoking unlit cigarettes and bitching about the lack of parking in front of my building. After a while he started rummaging through my bottom cupboards looking for drugs that aren’t there.

Thanks to the nosebleed I woke up with this morning, I am now completely out of toilet paper and will try to go get some more the next time that girl is working again. Her smile made me feel warm and I hope she will smile at me again. With no toilet paper in my apartment, it looks like I will have to use the paper towels I just bought.

Before he left, Gerald asked me if there were any openings at the cardboard box factory where I work part-time. I work on the line second shift at a factory that makes cardboard boxes. I take small boxes and then put them into larger boxes that are then shipped off some where they need cardboard boxes. It's a steady job because the factory is owned by a mega-corporation called Inc.Co.Inc. I told Gerald that I would ask the foreman about it the next time I worked.

I hope Gerald doesn't do anything stupid. I have a feeling he has done stupid things in the past and he does own a disturbingly large amount of knives. I gave Gerald a few rolls of paper towels when he left to make him feel better and to apologize for not having any drugs.

My neighbor’s dogs are barking again. I really need to move out of this place.

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