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Wednesday - 11:05 p.m.

I worked the early shift at the cardboard box factory today.

I don't like working the early shift; the supervisor thinks I'm causing dissent in the ranks. I personally don't think that I'm doing anything wrong by telling anyone within earshot that the job makes no sense. It's not like it's a hard job; we take small cardboard boxes and put them into larger cardboard boxes, then we take the larger cardboard boxes and store them in this gigantic warehouse.

The only bitch I have about the job is that the warehouse is very well guarded and we have to go through incredibly tight security when we deliver the boxes there. It’s like thirty armed guards and at least three checkpoints. All I did was ask "why," and this supervisor acted like I was trying to start up a labor union.

I heard that Mitchell got kicked out of his storage garage today. I guess the place has some "no living in your storage garage" rule, and they used this technicality to kick him out. He somehow convinced his new place, the one run by white people who are racist against white people, to let him move back in. I'm going to go help him move his crap in a few minutes.

I have decided to fill out however many online quizzes it takes until I discover how to better myself. My friend Teclo turned me on to this one. According to the “Most useless test ever,” I am a “Love-sick green dolphin covered in postage stamps.”

I don't know what it means, but it's somehow comforting to know.

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