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Thursday - 5:52 p.m.

My friend Mitchell left a message on my machine saying that he can't go to the Social Distortion show with me tonight.

He does have tickets for them tomorrow in Cleveland and wants me to drive there with him. If I do go, I want Mitchell to drive. There is a distinct lack of parking in front of my building and I really don’t want to move my car.

Mitchell is a good guy. He can't go to the Social D show tonight because his band is playing a gig. Mitchell has been in this band for quite a while, but they are using yet another new name. Sometimes it seems like they change their name every other week. The name of the band has changed so many times I can’t even remember what they first called themselves. They used to be called "Closed", but that didn't last long because nobody would show up for the gigs since the club’s marquees would read things like “FRIDAY: CLOSED”.

I'd ask the girl who works the checkout line at the supermarket, to go with me, but I don't know if she likes Social Distortion, or if she’s even a real person for that matter.

I'll probably end up asking Elkie if she wants to go. Elkie has brown eyes and long legs and as far as I know not a figment of my imagination.

There was also a message on my machine from Gerald. He said the Peralta show was really good and that I was a "dirtball" for not going. I’m just glad he didn’t scream this time.

Elkie and I once held hands while walking in the park. It was a cold day, but her hands were warm.

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