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Thursday - 6:37 p.m.

I pulled out a lot of my old prescriptions today.

I then lined them up, alphabetically on my coffee table so I could see them better. I had forgotten how much of that garbage they had put me on after my parents were killed. I had also forgotten how little of it I actually took, and most of the bottles were over half full.

Part of my ill-fated attempt to attract ladies who are turned on by tortured geniuses that don’t regularly take their Zoloft.

I searched through the labels hoping one might help stop my nosebleeds, but instead all of them seemed to list nosebleeds as a possible side effect.

Meanwhile, the search for my true inner self continues. According to another online quiz - if I were an action-movie character, I would be Indiana Jones.

I guess I need to go buy a fedora now.

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