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Wednesday - 10:55 a.m.

The bumper sticker on the car that splashed mud on me as I walked down High Street to the liquor store after work today read, “Jah is my co-pilot.”

If it wasn’t for that bumper sticker, I probably would’ve been a lot more pissed off about the situation.

I have been working quadruple shifts at the cardboard box factory these past few days. It's an easy job, but they laid off half the staff, so I have been rather busy. I only work there part-time, so I wasn't part of the layoffs.

This is the first time I have been home in four days. Needless to say, all this time away has put a huge damper on my search. If I'm going to find out who murdered my parents, I'm either going to have to quit working part-time at the cardboard box factory, or they're going to have to hire on more people.

I called Elkie a few minutes ago, but she had her phone number changed. I am now out of paper towels. I need to go buy more.

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