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Wednesday - 7:31 p.m.

I just got back from the club where I bartend part-time.

The Moby cover band that was playing tonight was not very good. They did a seventeen-minute version of Body Rock that was the musical equivalent to getting stabbed in the face over and over by a sharpened carrot. I am almost certain that I hate them.

The past few days I have been very busy. I had to quit my job at the cardboard box factory where I worked part-time. I got into a fight with my supervisor over whether or not Nietzsche's theories concerning eternal recurrence were pertinent to the current labor difficulties affecting Major League Baseball.

That and the guy was a huge cocksucker. He was always telling me to do stuff.

Luckily, I quickly landed a job at the rival cardboard box factory here in town. Coincidently it is also owned by the huge mega-corporation, Inc.Co.Inc. but the company is so mind-bogglingly large; I’m not sure that they are aware that they are competing against themselves.

This new cardboard box factory is actually closer to my apartment, which means I can walk or ride my bike there. This is a good thing since there is a distinct lack of parking in front of my building.

This new job is a little different though because of my "experience" in the field. So, instead of taking smaller cardboard boxes and putting them into larger cardboard boxes - I'm supervising those who clean and maintain the larger boxes after the smaller boxes have been sealed inside. It's also an extra dollar seventy-five an hour. That’s money that I need to use to buy some supplies. Without toilet paper or paper towels in my apartment, I have been using napkins and wet wipes.

While I was gone, Elkie left a message on my machine. She said she missed me, but she's been rather busy with errands and doctor's appointments. She left me her new phone number. I called her back and left her a message and said I knew the feeling. I've missed her, and I've been pretty busy too.

My neighbor's dogs haven't barked lately, but there is now a strange odor in the hallway between our apartments.

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