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Friday the 12th - 8:52 p.m.

Elkie and I went to lunch today.

I overslept and forgot to call her at eleven as Elkie had asked, but she showed up at my apartment anyway. I was glad that Elkie decided to drive. Parking in front of my building sucks and I did not want to have to move my car.

I didn't get to sleep until four in the morning because even though I had the day off, I got called into the club to fix their computer cash register thingy. It’s all on a touch-screen system which took forever to hack into, and most of the time I was subjected to the horrible No Doubt cover band playing on stage. If you're going to form a No Doubt cover band, at least get a girl to be in it.

I went to bed in a bad mood and dreamt about Republicans from 1865 being horrified at the Republicans of today.

Elkie smiled at me when I answered the door this morning. Her smile made me feel better. I thanked her for coming over and for the lunch invite, and she smiled at me again. We went to the Red Lobster where my brother used to work when he was a teenager long before he was killed saving some children from a wild mountain lion.

I was in the mood for crab legs and Elkie wanted a grilled chicken salad.

As we sat down, our waiter (who looked like the guy who played Brad Pitt's parole officer in the movie Kalifornia) told us that it was Red Lobster's bitchin' summer crab-a-palooza celebration. Well, he may not have used those words exactly. All I know is that it meant all you can eat crab legs and that I was going to need a bib.

My mood had improved tremendously. I had more crab legs than I knew what to do with and Elkie had smiled at me. It was turning out to be a great day. Then Elkie told me why she had invited me to lunch.

She had news for me.

The news was not good.

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