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Monday - 7:31 p.m.

I was away from the computer for a while because I spent the weekend at Mitchell's new place.

Mitchell's roommates, (who are also his bandmates) were out of town, and Mitchell said he didn't like being in the new place alone. He said the place is really creepy. He’s right.

Mitchell's new place is like the house from the movie Psycho, only a lot less warm and inviting.

Still, the weekend went well. I'm really glad his bandmates (who are also his roommates), were out of town. They kind of scare me. Mitchell told me a story from a few days ago when he and two of his roommates (who are also his bandmates); Calvin Walker and Wolfgang, crossed paths with rocker Glenn Danzig at this club here in town called Outland, which is a Goth club where you can go and see curvy girls in corsets get whipped while listening to bad remixes of Sisters of Mercy songs.

Calvin Walker is one of Mitchell’s bandmates (and also one of his roommates) who only addresses himself in the third person and by his full name. Mitchell told me that when they bumped into Danzig, Calvin Walker broke a freshly opened bottle of Rolling Rock over Wolfgang's head and proceeded to threaten to "cut up or some shit," Danzig's face with it.

Mitchell said he had to physically restrain Calvin Walker to keep him from actually backing up the threat. Eventually, they had to drag Calvin Walker out of the club. Calvin Walker kept screaming things like, "You're going to die Danzig!" and "Danzig, you're my bitch!"

Danzig of course never heard any of it. I’m not even sure he was still in the club when this happened.

I also shared with Mitchell the news that Elkie told me when we went to lunch. Elkie and I started off with light chitchat and iced tea with lemon. We talked about how she's going to Virginia Beach this weekend for a karate tournament. Elkie is a brown belt in a couple of martial arts, which is neat. It's also weird because it means she can turn you on and scare the bejesus out of you at the same time. She's new to the whole competition end of it though, so she's pretty nervous.

She asked me to drive her to the airport. I told her that I would be glad too, but I was lying. Driving her to the airport means I will have to move my car, and there is a distinct lack of parking in front of my building.

Elkie asked me how things were in my life, and I told her about having to get a new job at a different cardboard box factory. I also told her that I was pretty happy at the moment because my neighbor's dogs haven't barked at all for about a week, and he has moved his nondescript van, with the curtains over the windows, from in front of the building. This is good, because parking in front of my building sucks, and that van being gone frees up lots of room since there is a distinct lack of parking in front of my building. Elkie said that barking dogs were good. They keep things safe and drive away the bad guys. I told her I wasn’t so sure about that.

Elkie said she worried about me and that's why she wanted to tell me the news in person. Elkie said that Shannon’s parents had called her because they apparently didn’t know how to get in touch with me. It turned out that Shannon had left a will and that I'm in it.

Shannon had left me something, and I have to be present at the reading. They're reading the will on Thursday. That's the day I have to drive Elkie to the airport. It's also the day I have tickets to see the Sparta concert at Polaris.

Thursday is going to be a busy day.

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