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Friday the 19th - 11:03 a.m.

Sparta was really good last night. They played a great set, but it was only half an hour long.

Seeing them in a huge outdoor pavilion that seats twenty thousand wasn't much fun. I'd rather catch them at a club where my feet stick to the floor, and the bouncers are complete assholes. It turned out they were there opening for three other bands, Dashboard Confessional, The Strokes and Weezer (but The Strokes had to cancel). I had no idea anyone but Sparta was playing even though the whole lineup is printed on the tickets. I really need to start paying better attention to things.

During Dashboard Confessional’s set, Gerald would stand up and heckle the band, yelling things like "Blow your nose!" and "Stop it, you're making me cry!" Mitchell or I would have hit Gerald on the head and told him to shut the hell up, but Dashboard was pretty boring that night. Again, I blame the venue for not providing an intimate enough setting.

Weezer came on after them and enthralled the massive amount of girls between the ages fourteen and sixteen, who had come to see them play. Despite being on stage for less time than an episode of Hogan’s Heroes, Sparta was good, and the tacos Gerald treated us to after the show really hit the spot. I did not ask where he got the money to pay for them.

Shannon's will reading earlier in the day was very odd. I still don't know why she would have left me anything, but she did. Shannon left me one single item. It's an old steamer trunk, just like one of those huge trunks you see in old movies about people going on an ocean voyage.

That's what Shannon left me.

The lawyer read the will aloud in a creepy monotone voice. Shannon left her child to the care of her parents, and most of her worldly possessions to them as well. She left a few things to her ex-husband, and then they got to me.

The lawyer read my name, and then from the will in words Shannon had written "I leave you Eleanor’s trunk which I used to move my life around in for a time. Like Eleanor, I wanted to go nobly rather than as a coward. She is now yours."
It was really creepy.

I loaded the trunk that Shannon left me in her will in my car and drove it back to my apartment, where I opened it.

It was completely empty.

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