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Thursday - 10:28 p.m.

I spent most of today at the record store.

Gerald came in trying to sell off more of his CD collection to pay rent. I’m not sure why he needed money for rent. I was under the impression that Devita let him stay with her for free.

Gerald told me that he had gone to the racetrack earlier, but lost his entire comic book collection when a horse he had bet on named “Recommended,” came in last in the fifth race.

I told Gerald that, according to an online quiz, I was a centaur and that sort of sucked. Gerald answered that being a centaur made me a pussy. I don’t think Gerald knows what horses are. I then told Gerald that I was also Indiana Jones, and to take his smart lip someplace else. He reluctantly complimented me on my new fedora and then left.

Elkie called me at the store later and invited me out to lunch tomorrow. I accepted, even though I had planned to go the supermarket tomorrow to buy more paper towels. She then asked me to call her at eleven to remind her that she had invited me to lunch.

I don't know quite how to take that.

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