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Wednesday - 11:32 a.m.

My neighbor’s dogs are barking again.

They have been barking for almost seven hours now. I am beginning to wonder if they are the same old barking dogs or if he went out and got brand new barking dogs.

I had a very late night working at the club yesterday and just woke up two hours ago. It wasn’t exactly the most restful sleep I’ve ever had, what with my neighbor’s barking dogs pounding away in my skull the whole time.

I was stuck at the club a lot longer than normal. All of the other bartenders called in sick, and we had an Our Lady Peace cover band playing on stage all night. That meant the place was full of Canadians and they all wanted to order weird exotic Canadian booze made from fermented maple syrup. At least they were polite about it.

Tips were beyond bad. Why is Canadian money red, and where the hell am I going to exchange all of this crap? Needless to say the OLP cover band was horrible. They played Superman's Dead twice and then did an instrumental version of it later in their set.

Gerald, who I can’t seem to get rid of, came into the club to announce that he had finally found the purpose to his life. He has decided to become an Olympic luge driver, or a "luger" as he put it. I tried not to snicker since the way he said “luger” made it sound a lot like he was saying, “booger.” I reminded Gerald that this town gets an average snowfall of ten inches a year, and maybe he wanted to steer away from Olympic events that were held in the winter. Gerald replied that our town also had a serial killer on the loose, but neither fact was going to prevent him from becoming a luger.

I asked him what the hell the serial killer had to do with our lack of snowy winters, and he told me that I was just "trying to keep him down," and then stormed out. Sadly, I don't know as much about the serial killer as I do our weather patterns because someone keeps swiping my paper, reading it and returning it with some of the articles cut out. Because of that I haven't been able to follow the serial killer story that well.

I think they've notched ten dead prostitutes on his belt since October. I'm not sure. Most of the stories in the paper about the killer have coupons on the back, so they tend to get cut out before I can read them.

Elkie and I are going bowling tonight after I get off work at the record store.

I told her about the trunk Shannon left me and she asked if she could see it.

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