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To John Holland

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Hope your sabbatical is going well. Sorry to hear about your troubles over there at Bellevue. Administrative changes can be rough at times I know every time we get a new Captain here in the precinct it’s like we have to go and start all over again. Managers and puppies are the worst to have to break in. Anyway, I hope your time off goes well, and you’re able to finish up that paper Dr. Cadwallander told me you’re working on. Speaking of Cadwallander, after talking to him over lunch of course, I took some time to review the letter that you found in your patient's room and it is quite interesting.

I went down to the Main Branch on 5th and 42nd where I had Andrea our go-to librarian research the event. She has done a lot of research for my department in the past and is the best. She had to dig pretty deep through the newspaper microfiche from 1954 and couldn’t find anything in The Miami Herald about it at all however later we struck paydirt big time in the archives of The Miami Daily News. The story is in the paper from March 11th to the 13th and is no longer reported on after that date. I have attached copies for your review and will mail you the hard copies as well.

I’m still working on your other request, but I have to say that tracing a steamer trunk from a 1954 suicide in Florida to another suicide in Texas some 50 odd years later isn’t very easy. We do know for certain the trunk was in possession of the second deceased while they were in Texas. I’m still trying to place it in possession of the first deceased in Florida. I have to do this all off the clock as you understand when I have the time. It’s a lot of tracking down relatives and doing interviews over the phone. Some of the relatives with firsthand information are no longer living. I am working on it. The trail is pretty damn cold.

BTW, I tried contacting this Det. Jovanovic through email and got no response initially. After a few weeks and a few more emails I finally got her on the phone but when I mentioned your patient’s name she got very serious and somewhat rude then gave me the brush off and cut the call short. All my calls to her or her department since then have gone straight to voicemail, so she’s avoiding me, and that’s a dead end. I’d go over her head to the precinct captain, but as a professional courtesy it is best if I bow out of that lane of inquiry.

You may have better luck with her or her superiors if you try. I have the name of a good P.I. if you want to go that route too, they might have more time than I do to devote to this case. Good luck to you and I’ll be in touch if I find out anything relevant. I think the trail is colder than a penguins nose though. Sorry.

Det. A. Martinez, NYPD
Midtown No. Pct.
306 West 54th Street
(212) [[REDACTED]] ext [[REDACTED]]

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