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Wednesday - 11:53 p.m.

I worked a double shift today at the record store.

I picked up the new Flaming Lips album and a really cool reissue by the Jesus and Mary Chain. Because I’m an idiot with no self-control, 90% of my paycheck just goes back to the store.

Gerald was there again and spent most of my shift at the store wandering around and staring at me. He kept going on about how he needs to somehow "smoosh" the voices in his head. He must have said the word "smoosh" thirty or forty times. He would always draw it out too, so when he said it, it would take an uncomfortably long time for him to finish his sentences. I was thrilled when he finally wandered off about an hour before we closed.

When I got home, Gerald had left a message on my machine telling me that he would be going to the Sparta show with Mitchell and me tomorrow. He said that he was going to treat the three of us to tacos after the show. I’m not holding my breath. Gerald never has any money.

I don’t quite understand why Gerald felt the need to leave the message on my machine, rather than mentioning it to me at the record store sometime during the seven hours we spent there together. Sometimes, I worry about Gerald. I didn't really seek out his friendship. It just sort of happened. I looked up and one day he was there.

Elkie leaves for her martial arts tournament tomorrow, and it is going to be a busy day. They're reading Shannon's will at ten, and I have to pick up Elkie at five in the morning to take her to the airport.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day.

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