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Friday the 26th - 11:48 a.m.

This town is really beginning to go down the dumper. And it's only going to get worse because football season is approaching.

In addition to our glorious serial killer who likes to chop up hookers, we also have a serial rapist and an insane amount of David Allen Coe fans.

No wonder Thurber wrote as he did.

I either desperately need to move out of this building or maybe just get the hell out of town for a while. My degenerate gambler friend David invited me to go to Milwaukee with him this weekend. He said he got a hotel that's three blocks from the zoo and I told him that it must smell lovely.

I hate the concept of a zoo. Not because I think the zoo is cruel or anything, it’s because most of the animals housed in zoos are nocturnal, and when you go there in the middle of the afternoon (when the zoo is open), they’re all taking naps. Except for the monkeys of course, apparently there is no wrong time of day to fling poo.

Tonight, Mitchell's band is playing a gig at Ruby Tuesday's with The Paper Chase and Denovo. That will be a good show. It will also be another show that Gerald has booked. It appears that Gerald has started to moonlight as a promoter. I’m not sure if moonlight is the right term since I have no idea if Gerald has another job. I also didn't know Gerald had booked that Peralta show he invited me to last month. No wonder he was so pissed I didn't go. I feel bad about skipping it now. I am a low down dirty dirtball.

I'm going to go to this show, but I told Mitchell not to put me on the guest list. It's only six bucks and it'll help them out a lot more if I pay. I’m sure that Gerald loses a lot of money booking these shows, so I’d rather my six bucks help the band buy two beers.

My neighbor’s dogs have been barking for what seems like two straight days now. The barking is making me have weird dreams about opera. My neighbor’s nondescript van, with the curtains over the windows, has also returned. This takes the threshold of parking in front of my building from tolerable, to sucky once again. His van is also attracting a large number of flies.

I really need to move.

Elkie spent the night last night. I can still taste the kiss she gave me before she left.

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