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Thursday - 10:20 p.m.

I am set for the night.

I just got home from the record store and turned on the television to discover that they're showing one of the best movies ever made, Roadhouse, starring Patrick Swayze. I always watch this movie with the sound on mute and a mix CD of Beastie Boys songs playing over the stereo.

Elkie came into the record store today and left me a present. It's a little plastic penguin she got at some Japanese grocery store the other day. It appears to be sneering and it's wearing a little pink sweater with the letter "a" on it. I'm guessing the "a" stands for "angry penguin."

Ouch! Some guy just tried to stab Patrick Swayze, so Patrick Swayze broke a table in half using the guy's face!

Which reminds me, I made sure to put the letter I found in the trunk that Shannon left me in her will in a safe place. I asked Elkie to read it before I do.

She said she would be happy to do that.

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