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Wednesday - 11:20 a.m.

Elkie and I just got back from breakfast at Max and Erma's. It was yum.

We had French toast. Elkie always somehow manages to get food on her face. She smiled at me with a dollop of syrup smeared on her chin.

Last night was rather odd. I put the trunk that Shannon left me in her will in the corner of my living room, and stared at it for hours. I dozed off around three in the morning, I think, and then woke up around six. The trunk was still open like it has been since I got home Monday night.

I investigated the trunk a little further and found that the trunk wasn't completely empty after all. Tucked down in this pocket in the trunk's lid was an old letter. A letter postmarked March nineteenth, 1954 and addressed to Mr. and Mrs. O.J. Menker of 3015 Ridgeway Road in Dayton, Ohio.

The letter is from D. Menker of 6765 South West 51st Street in Miami, Florida.

It had been opened cleanly with a letter opener and read many times. It has a very substantial crease in it. I examined the letter but did not read it. It is one-page typed front and back. There is a signature at the end handwritten in ink.

It started to give me an odd feeling, so I put it back in its envelope. The letter is now sitting on my kitchen counter.

I'm sort of afraid to open it again.

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