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Monday - 12:20 a.m.

Good news. It turns out that I'm not insane. That’s good news, I guess.

Cedar Point, on the other hand, proves to be quite the study in excess. They're building another roller coaster for opening sometime next summer. That will give them well over six hundred total roller coasters on the property.

Elkie and I walked around the park holding hands. That was my favorite part of the entire trip. I won her a stuffed Spongebob doll when the lady guessed my weight wrong. We have decided to take him on our next trip because Elkie deemed him to be our "Road Trip Buddy." It was a cool ceremony too. Elkie knighted him and everything.

When we held hands, Elkie had to be on my left side; I couldn't really use my right hand that much. I cut it on something during the apartment break-in event and had to bandage it up pretty tight. I hadn’t even noticed the cut until Elkie pointed it out to me before we left.

What really sucks though is that my landlady didn't fix my front door like she said she would. She just had it nailed back up on the frame. You can’t open it at all. It took me an hour to climb through my kitchen window so I could get back inside my apartment.

But, I'm not insane. I called the cops on Friday and they found a huge footprint on my front door and took pictures and measurements of it. That means somebody really did kick in my front door. There's been a rash of break-ins on North Campus lately I guess. The cops said that when the "perps" heard me run out of the bathroom, they must have dropped the television and the stereo, and then bolted.

I suspect it was Mitchell's bandmates (who are also his roommates). They don't like me, and most have extensive criminal records in multiple jurisdictions. Calvin Walker, who plays keyboards and didgeridoo in Mitchell's band, specifically doesn't like me because I made fun of this Moog synthesizer that he had merged with a Speak-and-Say. He named it HAL, and I mocked him, and now he hates me with the intensity of a thousand white-hot suns. I asked the cops to see if they could match the footprint on my door to one of Calvin Walker's Chuck Taylor’s. He likes red high tops. It looks like a red high top print to me.

Just to be safe though, before I left late Friday night; I put the letter back inside in the trunk, that Shannon had left me in her will, and then padlocked it shut. I then took the whole monstrosity and threw it in my bathtub and closed the shower curtain. It's all still in there. The trunk is still locked shut. The "perps" must have bumped it closed when they ran off, which would explain how its position changed.

Things are quiet now. I don't have a television or a stereo anymore, and my neighbor's large barking dogs are not barking. His van wasn't parked out front when I got back either. But I knew that before I got home. Elkie and I stopped at a rest area in Delaware County just after ten. I saw my neighbor's van parked at the end of the parking lot. It was rocking back and forth violently.

After I saw that I decided I could hold it, so we left and drove the last 30 miles into town.

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