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Kick pleats and kitten heels
Winston Churchill
and high mag wheels;

to help Tiberius Pockets
fight monsters from Japan,
while Orson Welles
changes anything he can -

in Brandywine and Valley Forge;
where Steve McQueen
shakes the House of Lords -

brushing your soft red hair
and my hard heartache;
throwing empty whiskey bottles
and the orgasms you faked,

for empire waists and dolman sleeves,
I doubt either of us
ever really needed to believe,
in the sentimental time
of vending machines;
or of the famine follies
built on village greens;

With an Armani suit and a Gucci bag
like Jesus Christ
smoking a twice borrowed fag,

And sure as shit,
I made mistakes

broke all my dreams
and left heartbreaks;

but right now; I'm dancing with your ghost
many haunting, beautiful ways,
dancing over the bleached bones
of a month of Sundays.

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