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Saturday - 12:20 a.m.

My neighbor's dogs are barking very loudly.

I need to move.

I spent all of the day on Thursday at the library. I spent all day Friday there too. That's because I re-read the note that I found inside the trunk that Shannon had left me in her will. I now have a major problem: the note that I found inside the trunk that Shannon had left me in her will is by far the creepiest thing that I have ever read.

Every single aspect of it creeps the hell out of me. It is the creepiest thing I have ever experienced; it makes Stephen King look like Judy Blume.

I have all the lights on in my apartment right now, even the lights in my closets and have no plans of ever turning them off. Thank goodness for these new seven-year life light bulbs they invented.

Why is this note so creepy?

The note is creepy, because it was written decades before I was even born, and because complete and total strangers wrote it, people whom I have no connection to at all. No connection that is, until I found the note, inside the trunk that Shannon left me in her will. These people have probably been dead for years, and I am connected to them post-mortem without their consent.

The note is also creepy because of the tone in which is written - bland and stale, it never builds. When it finally comes to the point, it hits you like a freight train out of nowhere.

It's creepy because it's not fiction. What it speaks of really happened. The librarian and I found the newspaper articles about it today.

Did Shannon know about the note's existence at all, or did Shannon leave this note, inside the trunk that she left me in her will, for me to find on purpose?

Is this note the reason why Shannon killed herself?

And if it is, did she want me to know that?

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