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Thursday - 5:52 p.m.

I think I’m being set up.

I spent all day yesterday at the police station answering questions. The detective in charge of the investigation into who broke into my apartment asked me a few times how I cut my hand. I told him that I didn’t know and Elkie was the first one to notice that I had even cut it.

My hand has since healed, but there is a noticeable scar forming.

After I leave school tonight, Elkie and I are off to see The Flaming Lips show. I haven’t seen Elkie in a week. But whenever I close my eyes, I can see a woman’s face. I can’t make it out too clearly, but I’m pretty sure it’s Elkie’s face.

Whoever she is, she’s haunting me.

Anyway, the detective told me that they probably were not going to be able to find the “perps” who broke into my apartment. I wasn’t sure what perps were and asked if they were those marshmallow things that come out at Easter time. He didn’t find that funny.

So, the perps; that’s what he called them anyway, were probably not going to be found. He said that since nothing was taken, the perps probably wouldn’t be back, but I should get a better deadbolt lock anyway. Speaking of locks, I really don’t know how good my new lock is because I still don’t have a key to my new front door. When I asked my crazy landlady about it on Monday, she just screamed, “It’s on its way!” and then stormed off in a huff.

I really need to move.

The detective asked me about the cut on my right hand again before I left. I’m pretty sure that they think I busted up my own apartment and by “pretty sure” I mean I am convinced they think I busted up my own apartment.

I think I’m being set up.

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