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Sunday - 10:22 p.m.

My neighbor’s dogs are not barking today.

I wonder if they have tomorrow off as well. It is a holiday after all.

Speaking of dogs, my degenerate gambler friend David just called; he is craving hot dogs and has asked me to accompany him to a baseball game. David always seems to be able to offer me the perfect distraction, exactly when I need it. He can't drive there though. That sucks, especially since there is a distinct lack of parking in front of my building, and I will have to give up my space.

Last night Elkie and I sat in front of the TV and watched movies all day. We held hands. Elkie's hands were soft, and they made me feel safe. Afterward, I made dinner, and we listened to the Ride box set Mitchell got me last Christmas.

Elkie asked me why I had a laptop sitting in my bathtub, and I told her that it had been acting weird. I told her how it would only read the time as 12:20.

Elkie laughed, then she gave me a hug and reminded me of something that sort of scared me.

Elkie's birthday is December twentieth.

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